We are Immortal Souls


Bass guitar and Voice

I started the band with my brother E.Sarkioja back in 1991, we had to bicycle long way to the rehearsals, but it was so fun we kept doing it. At the beginning we played some rock mixed with heavy and drifted to doom metal without any real plan. Our current style evolved on Divine Wintertime -EP that became the first important recording. You could say that it was where everything started. First Album Under the Northern Sky was a continuation to definition of our style...


Lead and Rhythm guitars

...Started as a trio, we made gigs around Finland, until 2002 we visited in Sweden, our dear neighbour. After that we have been touring in Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, France and Swizerland. Fond memories from each country. It is so great to meet metalheads around, and find that we share the same passion and language: Metal!...



...First years of the band we had to change drummer many times and for various reasons before the right guy was found. Jupe Hakola was first long time drummer and after he left, we tried two different drummers before we found J.Kronqvist, who didn't only share the attitude and will but also live and breath for music and metal...


Rhythm Guitar

...We needed rhythm guitarist for live shows, and Pete joined just before recordings of Under the Northern Sky. In fall 2010 he left the band and M.Pekkarinen, who had been our backup bassist and guitarist already in some earlier shows, joined us permanently from there on. As a old friend already from the past, he is perfect guy and valuable add for us and to our music.

About Wintermetal

Such a cool name, but where did it come from, who came up with it and what does it stand for?

It was back in 2003, when we were working with Fear Dark label and finishing album Ice Upon the Night. All of our songs so far were tied with nature and winter and their beauty. Raffi at Fear Dark had the idea, that this music is actually Wintermetal, not just any death metal. I, as a winterperson, liked the idea immediately, and so it was put to every add of the album.

As I later thought about it, it makes sense in every way. I would describe our music as fast paced and highly melodic; like a winterwind at a beautiful frost morning, heavy and aggressive; as fierce as winter can be. And white purity of winter, that I have always used in the lyrics in allegories and hidden meanings between the lines. This is Wintermetal...